There is a double bay carport made of solid structural timber KVH (spruce) kilin-dried to a
mximum moisture content of ~15%. It is an excellent alternative for a traditional garage and
much cheaper as well. This carport allow you cover your car, boat against snow, frost, sun or
humidity. It also giving you extra shelter that you can use for other things, even barbecue. It is big enough to comfortable park two cars.  

Carport features:
1. All our carports are made of solid structural wood KVH (spruce), all elements are planed and sanded            smoothly
2. Post & main beams thicknesses 120x120mm or 140x140mm
3. Rafters thicknesses 80x160mm
4. Shaped or rounded edges giving you pleasant look and safety
5. To join separate parts of wooden carport we use mortise and tenon joint
6. Standard carport entrance height is 2.2m. The roof slope 250 
7. All carport drawings will be provided for the final customer approval
    before production

We can give you completely finish product with :
1. Factory paint using high quality wood stains (Remmers HK)
2. Roof  cladding using 19 mm thickness tongue & groove board
3. Roof covering using felt shingles, cedar shingles, roof tiles, roofing felt
    or roof slates.
4. Metal post holders for concrete base
5. Installation process
6. We can also customise this project to fit your space 
To receive a quotation for this product please fill in the form bellow. If you want to customise this project please describe it in your enquiry, Thank you.
mb012.  6x5m carport with enclosed walls
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