Sc023.  3.20x6m carport with an arch
Sc001.  Carport 3.5x5m
with an arch
Sc002. Carport 3x7m with shed
Sc003. 3.7x8m carport with an arch and storage shed
Sc004. 4x7m single bay carport
    Sc005.  4x6m single bay carport
    Sc006.  5x8m single bay carport
with storage shed
Sc007. 3x7m single bay carport
Sc008.  3.10x10m single bay carport
Sc009. 3x5.5m single bay carport
Sc010.  3x5m single bay carport
Sc011. 3x7.5m single bay carport
Sc012. 3x7m single bay carport with shed roof and storage shed
Sc013. 3x6m single bay carport
Sc014. 3x6m single bay carport with shed roof
Sc015. 4x6m single bay carport with piched roof
Sc016.  3x6m single bay carport with an arch
Sc017.  3x5.5m single bay carport
Sc018. 3.7x5m single bay carport 
Sc019. 3.5x5.5m single bay carport
with a flat roof
Sc020.  3.03x5.12m single bay carport with storage shed
Sc021. 3x6m single bay carport with an arched front
Sc022.  3x9m carport with a shed
Sc025.  4x7m carport with flat roof and shed
Sc026.  3.5x8.5m carport with an arched front and back shed
Sc027.  3x7.5m carport with a shed
Sc024.  3x7m carport with an arched front            and shed
Sc031.  4x7m carport with back shed
Sc032. 3x5.5m carport with an arched front
Sc033.  5.5x6m carport
Sc029.  3.5x9m carport with a shed
Sc028.  3x5m carport with a flat roof
Sc030. 3x7.8m carport with a shed and flat roof
    A carport is an excellent alternative for a traditional garage. Its additional advantages include: light structure, easy assembly and disassembly. Carports may also complement a garage, providing an additional parking space for guests or for a second car. All our projects can be made to individual customer requirements, that is mean you can chose the dimension, roof option, paint, guttering, laminated wood and even more. We offer a full cad design and 3d modelling of your project before production. Every structural element is numbered by us to make assembly easy and quick. We also provide assembly manual, even for customized solutions. All our products are made used solid structural timber kiln dried KVH┬« timber mostly spurce & pine.


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